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What are the main consequences of Apartment Ownership (Amendment) Act No .39 of 2003 ?

There are three major classifications as far as the condominium properties are concerned as

What is Condominium Property




What is Condominium Property 

The Law shall apply to any building,  

Erected on alienated land held as one land  parcel & capable of being subdivided into  parcels is referred to as “Condominium Property” 

What is Provisional Condominium Property 

Any Building Proposed to be erected on alienated land held as one land parcel & capable of being subdivided into parcels  is referred to as “ Provisional Condominium    Property.” 

What is Semi Condominium Property 

Any Building Partly erected on alienated land held  as one land parcel, on which there are more than one completed condominium parcels fit for human habitation is referred to as “Semi Condominium Property” 


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