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Monday, 02 May 2011 09:23

Janasewana Swayan Sawiya

CMA has found out that if proper waste management is implemented within householders in the flats 5% percent of the waste generated in the country can be used in economically beneficial activities.

A “Janasewana Swayan Sawiya” program to establish the Management Corporation to overcome the defects in the common amenities & common elements has been launched at the conference hall in Soysapura National Housing Scheme on the instructions of Condominium Management Authority.  

This was revealed by chairman, CMA at a ceremony held at the Soysapura National Housing Scheme Under the program for Institutions introduced for income projects. Collecting waste coconut shells by Heykarb, Recycling of waste plastic & polythen by Central Environmental Authority, Glass by Piramal Glass Lanka.

Minister said the Janasevana Swayan Sawiya and the “Let’s grow & work in hand in hand” are two programs launched by the Regional Agricultural Department and the all for the benefit of the people who live at apartments.

This agricultural program averted possible price hike in food crops during the time when many cities in the country were affected by low production of food crops due to changes in the weather pattern.

The CMA Chairman said an attitudinal change of people is needed to carry forward environmental – friendly approaches successfully.

Waste separating bins donated by Central Environmental Authority were distributing ammos the unit owners under this program.


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